What is Bookmark printing in a typical media company? What is mass media?

Media company – What is mass media – Bookmark Printing

Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of Mass Media are exist out there which includes Movie, reproduction (records, cassettes, cds) Audio recording, Electronic Media (Mobile Phones, internet, Satellite), Broadcasting Press (Radio, Television, Cable), Printing Media (Papers, Books and Magazines), news release format.

The Audio documenting and reproduction can be related to various kinds of music and sound media. Back in your day, there are only basic types of audio equipments for example recording products microphones, loudspeakers and wacky talkie.

media company

After that, tape recorders and also legendary vinyl LP records were reached the people. The invention associated with compact cassettes along with the music cassettes made a way for the innovative inventions of today. Next this music device invention was initiated by the Sony’s walk man. This invention made the music to reach even more people.

The creation of digital data recording by using the CDS produced outstanding quality music reproduction. Mp3 players and Apple iPods are the high end invention in this stream. These devices will enables you to download any of your fav music from the internet in a digital format.

Broadcasting Media is composed of Television, radio and Cable. This broadcasting media company will use any one or all of these as a mode to spread any information or data to the main stream.  Now a day any media company uses these Television and radio for the purpose of advertising.

Now let’s see what is Media Company. It’s very difficult to explain what is mean by “media” company.  Take twitter as an example which in the media business but it can’t be stated as a media company.  Google is not a media company rather it is a technology company. Twitter and Google are making money out of online advertisements.

To be more technical Google, Twitter is content distributors. These are not content creators.

If you are familiar with twitter you can realize this platform especially meant for entertainment, breaking news.

Now let’s explore the term “distributor”. This term can be given for those who make money or revenue by advertising. We can say that twitter and Google have some sort of value since they encourages the traffic. Though Google is a content distributor they promote only the original contents.

App Store & iTunes are content distribution platforms. So for the question what is a media company? Some says the answer “all companies in the field of entertainment are media companies”

Radio as well as Television delivers update from all around the world nearly every second.  This mass also provides the commercial shows, news programs and so many kinds of entertainment shows, reality shows and so on. Cable TV s are capable of telecasting  sports, films, documentaries, videos and some sort of extra stuffs that will entertain its direct audience.

Movies produced by Mass Media Company are taken by using the tales, people life or human emotions. Films or movies are commonly known as motion pictures, flicks or silver screen, the cinema. Cyber space is one the very powerful Mass Media.  Now the entire world has became a single village with the help of internet. Now it’s very easy for you to get the countless minute to minute updates and also enjoy any services from all around the world. you can even  send and receive any data or information to all t he people resides in nook corner of the world in the means of electronic mail , chat programs, social networks and so on.

Right now Mobile phones became a global craze. Sometimes it is called as 7th media .We have print media, book mark printing right from few centuries. This media is composed of pamphlets, magazines, book mark printing and papers.

Video games are one of the favorite past time of so many individuals nowadays. From 6 to 60 are fascinated with the video games. Video games are usually played by using the PC. Console games are played by using the TV set. Arcade games are the one those are played in the places like shopping malls, Coffee shops, gaming centers and bookstores. Now a day’s games are played by using the mobile phones, PDAs.  Android games have received a huge attention from the youngster’s today.

Those were the various kinds of Mass Media have given raise in our 21st century. Now everything is globalized including the mass media.

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